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PHOENIX BODIES - Too Much Information CD+DVD

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This CD collects all of the pre-"Raise The Bullshit Flag" recordings from Indiana's Phoenix Bodies. Included here is the tracks from the split CD/LP with Enkephalin, the song from "The Pacemaker Says To The Microwave" compilation, and their split 7"s with Shikari, Tyranny Of Shaw, Raein, and The Dream Is Dead, as well as a full live set from Dude Fest 2004 and the seven-song demo. Also included is a bonus DVD of live sets from Dude Fest 2004 and Summerslam Festival 2004 and a mini interview with the band. This is the U.S. version of this collection, packaged in a double disc jewel case with an 8-panel booklet.

01. Half-A-Billion Ants
02. Spin: A Rendez-Vous
03. Lawn Of Decadence
04. Get It Rabbit
05. Full Frontal Fragrance
06. Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination
07. Enlarge Your Penis
08. Toxic Shock Value Meal
09. Old Balls
10. Pardon My Emoticon
11. Sense Is Out Of Style
12. Future Of Eating
13. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens
14. Fix Me
15. Striving For Autism
16. Hard-On For A Hummer
17. You've Been Hamburgled
18. Does Anybody Have A Boom Stand?
19. Lawn Of Decadence (Live)
20. Sense Is Out Of Style (Live)
21. Spin: A Rendez-Vous (Live)
22. Half-A-Billion Ants (Live)
23. Cock Ocean: A Timeless Destination (Live)
24. Striving For Autism (Live)
25. Old Balls (Live)
26. Future Of Eating (Live)
27. Enlarge Your Penis (Live)
28. Toxic Shock Value Meal (Live)
29. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens V.I (Live)
30. Goddamn Pyramid Building Aliens V.II (Live)
31. Demo 1
32. Demo 2
33. Demo 3
34. Demo 4
35. Demo 5
36. Demo 6
37. Demo 7

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